On the Eve of Our Sixteenth Wedding Anniversary

Tidying up the bathroom, says Dave, bemused, “Was there any particular reason you put the empty container from the take-out back in the fridge?”

I clearly remember putting both styrene boxes in a grocery bag, tying it all up and dumping it in the trash in the garage. “Which takeout?” The man I love is losing it.

We have spent six days (and counting) caring for a teething 16-month-old with horrible diarrhea. Meaning hourly diaper changes and waking up several times a night to soothe and rock a kid who can’t keep much down (or up for that matter). Daycare won’t take him with the runs, so we’ve been off work most of the week, and going in early and late other days to make up.  We’re both pretty well fried.

“The stuff from the Afghani place — the cup from the vinegar dipping sauce. I found it empty in the fridge.” He flushes the loo, places a hand on my back as I reach around him to pop a rubber duck back up on the shelf with the other bath toys.

I shake my head. “Didn’t realize the food even came with dipping sauce. Let alone that it was finished. Or that I put it back in the fridge empty. ” Total mental blank.

He smiles as we switch off the bathroom light. “Never mind, I nearly put the phone in the freezer this morning.”

It’s what newlyweds aspire to. Really.


2 responses to “On the Eve of Our Sixteenth Wedding Anniversary

  1. No Bad Days?? Really?

    16th wedding anniversary and still with the teething?


    My 3rd wedding anniversary and we had 3 sick kids.

    Theme here?

  2. Sell it sister! You sure know how to make marriage/kids sound sexy. Congrats on the 16 years!

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