Extreme Makeover (Of the Quick and Slippery Kind)


There’s a point when the darling boy curls get out of control. Tau was becoming more mad scientist each day (see this picture) and I had to restrain myself, more than once, from brushing it up into a ponytail. Time for the first haircut. 

Dave had to work Saturday morning, so I took young man down to the local Fantastic Sam’s, crossing my fingers that it would be fantastic after all. I dreamed he’d be so absorbed with the mirrors and buzz-cutter noises that he would sit perfectly still and let a stranger cut his hair. Uh huh.

While we waited for a stylist, Tau worked his way through the toy table set up in one corner:

  • He flipped through the eight or so board books in about three minutes. (Reading new books is all about paging as fast as you can. Working through the pages slowly comes later.)
  • The nice plush tiger got hugged to his cheek and ended up all soggy about the ears. Alas, the lad is teething again.
  • And he decided that the most interesting toy was a chunky puzzle, the kind requiring the child to fit flower/sun/apple shapes into flower/sun/apple-shaped holes. In particular, he fell in love with a poor unsuspecting bumblebee shape, which got sucked and chewed and rubbed all over his face regardless of my under-the-breath admonitions not to do so. I did my famous sit-between-the-kid-and-anyone-who-might-see-what-he’s-up-to trick*, so I don’t think too many of the other patrons noticed me yanking poor bee repeatedly out of the drool.

For some reason, Tau is usually transfixed when he meets Asian women, so I was rooting for the young, friendly Vietnamese stylist working nearest us. Instead we got Tamara, an older lady of some Eastern-European origin, who wore dark glasses and didn’t smile much as Tau and I walked hand-in-hand all the way back to her station.

Still, he seemed quite curious as I hoisted him up onto the booster seat and Tamara raised her comb and scissors. And then he went into slithery eel mode.

“Aw done!” Bum slipping off the chair.

“No, honey, not all done. Sit nicely.” With my best really-he’s-not-usually-this-non-compliant smile.

“Aw done!” And so on.

Cutting it short (groan), Tamara did a fabulous job, cutting his whole head in about two minutes. I held him back on the chair with one hand as she positioned the hair ready for cutting and made the snip every time a hairdryer noise or a truck outside distracted him into sitting still for a couple seconds.


Clearly she’d done this before. When things got particularly squirrelly towards the end, I produced the piece de resistance, the bumblebee puzzle piece, which kept him still long enough for Tamara to finish up. A My First Haircut certificate and a balloon later and we were outta there.


On the way home, we visited the library to get more DVDs and to visit the “fss’s” — big fan of the fish tank at the library. Then we hit Rubio’s for lunch, just mom and her all-of-a-sudden big boy. Yes, without the long hair, he’s so much more boy and unfortunately less baby.

And yes, we saved the curls.

* I would have been indignant if you’d told me two years ago that I would stoop this low, but there you have it. Nice to put your failings as a human being out on the information superhighway, isn’t it?


4 responses to “Extreme Makeover (Of the Quick and Slippery Kind)

  1. Wow, congratulations! He looks so handsome. Is it just the lighting in the photo or is his hair getting redder?

  2. Dad likes it and thinks Tau looks beautiful. Mom would like the curls replaced asap! He really looks quite grown-up and almost ready to play for the Springboks!

  3. Sniff sniff…my All-Grown-into-a-Little-Boy-Grandson….he’s beautiful. I would like one of those curls please…

  4. Hi Sue! Thanks for the link! What a cutie! – Aimee

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