Never Stops



We recently added a few new digital clips of Tau to our You Tube channel. I know they are not the greatest quality — our digital camera has the annoying habit of trying to refocus whenever there is movement in the middle of the screen. But for those of you far away with fast Internet access, they really do give you a sense of Tau’s character (especially this one). Big cousin Kai in Victoria loves watching Baby Tau on the computer.

I keep saying to Dave, “We really should get a video camera!” But it’s not something you want to rush out and buy without doing the proper research. So we must find time to do that. And then I just know that if we got a proper camera I would have to get software so that I could spend hours prettying up the movie files. And I really don’t need any more distractions from my ever-growing to-do list now do I? 

The two most recent postings, Never Stops (Part One) and Never Stops (Part Two), are pretty mundane but hopefully illustrate why we haven’t taken a transatlantic flight or written a Booker-prize shortlister of late. There are also some of Tau blowing kisses and learning about finger clicks. We wouldn’t miss these moments for anything. Glad to share them with you!


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