Conversations with a Toddler


Only Letter in the Alphabet 

Tau got a set of Leap Frog Fridge Phonics for Christmas. The base clamps magnetically to the fridge and when you plug in a letter, it sounds it out and sings a little song. “A says Ay, and A says Uh, every letter makes a sound, A says Uh!”

The boy stands at the fridge and plays with this for what seems like hours. Our Tupperware drawer is all the neater for it. When you press the little red music note, Leap Frog sings the alphabet song. Loudly.

“A B C D …”

“Eye!” shouts Sonny. “EYE!”

“E F G …”


Apparently, there is no other letter.


Counting to Distraction 

Wrestling to get a diaper fastened and clothes on the small body. I’ve learned that distracting him with some kind of mental challenge often works. He is fascinated by new words.

Sue: Tau … TAU! No! Come on, pants on please. Quick, quick! PANTS! Look! One leg, here! ONE!

Tau: TOO!

Stunned silence from the mother. Where the heck did he learn that?

Sue: One?

Tau: TOO!

Sue: Three …

Tau: TOO!

Sue: One.


Sue: Three.


Aw Done!


Just about everything is “all done” these days. The bath water, the milk, the moon behind a cloud.

Tau is going through a stage where he doesn’t want to sit and eat breakfast at daycare in the mornings. There’s just too much to see and do in the room. We plunk him in his chair around the table with the other kids, put a bib on him and pull back his sleeves. Miss Katie slides a plate of pancakes and fruit right in front of him.

Tau twists around, spies a toy on the other side of the room, pushes back his seat. “Aw done!”

Parent and teacher in unison: “No Tau. Not all done. Scoot your butt back in. Breakfast. Tummy to table.”

“Aw done!” And he’s up.

Often you can coax him back. Once he tastes a piece of pancake it’s all “Mmmm mmmn!” Like it was his idea to eat this super gorgeous stuff and you’re keeping him from it. “More?!” 


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