No Lions Were Harmed in the Writing of This Post

Last night a couple of our lion friends took a bath. Auckland Zoo Lion, a favorite these past months. Supercool Vegas Lion (we removed the Harley Davidson vest and wiped that down by hand). And close relatives Big Brown Doggie and Little Tan Puppy got a bath too.

A bath in the washing machine, that is, along with the crib sheet and fleece blanket and every piece of clothing Tau was wearing and if we could have added the boy it would have made life much easier but instead we had to be thankful for our tile bathroom floor, which wipes clean easily, and nouveau-shag carpet that doesn’t easily absorb kid poop. Lots of it.

Which is what happens when there is mucho grunting at the dinner table, followed by “Up-uh! up-uh!” (Up! I want outta this chair, I tell you!) but the parents are selfish enough to insist on finishing their dinner first! Hah!

Selfish parents got what they deserved. And poor Vegas Lion? His usually slicked back hairdo is all sticky-uppy this morning after the spin cycle. But hey, he smells fresh as a flower!

Before the indignity



One response to “No Lions Were Harmed in the Writing of This Post

  1. The first of many such happenings we’re sure but keep on smiling and put the peg on your nose and a rose in your mouth! Lovely to hear your news, keep it coming.

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