Everyone, meet Baby. Baby, everyone.

For Tau’s birthday, Dave’s sister Trish and her family sent this cute little guy. He originally sported a bell on the end of his cap and a long spring stitched to the back of his head. I thought it would be nice to hang him above the crib — the spring was extra springy and Tau loved watching the little man bounce whoa! WHOA! whoa! towards him. But Mister Kapister had other ideas.

Baby is now the new best friend. Baby is clasped tight-in-fist and held to chest. Precious lions are cast aside in favor of Baby, and the little blue hat is gnawed until it’s limp and moldy with spit. I removed the bell for fear of Tau swallowing it and am seriously considering doing the same with the nose, at which point Baby will, I guess, become Leper Baby. The spring, too, has been removed because it had sharp points on each end. Handmade toys are clearly not always made with safety in mind.

So now that Baby has lost his ability to fly, he sits on top of Tau’s toy shelf until bedtime, when he has to be fetched down or the world will end, or diaper time when he becomes our strongest ally in keeping Tau still in one spot for more than two seconds.

I imagine Baby is the kind of toy that will end up in a keepsake box. And when Tau is in his thirties, he’ll be rummaging through the box for something important and will fling Baby to one side, à la Woody in Toy Story.

So I thought Baby should have his moment in the spotlight while he’s still precious.


3 responses to “Baby

  1. Lovely stuff…I really enjoy this blogging business…

  2. Happy new year you three !!! all the best wishes … I have to appologize .. you Sue must have wondered why your comments do not show up … you tried 3 times :) .. well .. just now I went through the long list of ‘awaiting moderation’ comments and found yours and some others that the spam filter picked out for reasons I don’t know … well .. now that they are aproved, further comments should go through without a hitch … Cool new wordpress blog! Have a fantastic 2007 .

  3. Really enjoy reading all your news although we don’t always get around to commenting. Simply can’t imagine who you were referring to about the puking! Please keep the blog going as we’d miss being kept up-to-date on Tau’s doings if you didn’t.

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