On the Fourth Day of Christmas … New Steps a Wobbling


At daycare, we fill out a daily sheet when we drop Tau off in the mornings — how long he slept, what time he last ate, any new injuries or medication. When we pick him up in the evenings, they have written down everything he did that day — what and when he ate, how many diapers wet and filled, and when and for how long he slept. It’s the little comments that always make us smirk: “Spinach for lunch: Tau threw it all on the floor!”

You can imagine the pride when we saw the comment above a couple weeks back. Some parents would be horrified that they weren’t there for this milestone but we figure he’d already walked a few steps at home before this, and we’ve certainly watched his walking improve in the weeks since. Today, on the phone to my friend Imke in Germany, I watched as he walked the length of the living room. And they tell us at daycare that he now walks all the way out to the playground!

Miss Katie (new toddler teacher — more on the new class in a coming post) says that when they talk it up — “Come Tau … you’re in the big toddler room where we all walk!” — he does, with great pride and look-at-me grin. But the minute they reach out to him or talk in a baby voice, he drops to his knees and crawls.

Last night we went to a party to bid farewell to friends moving to Holland. Tau was one of four or five toddlers there — all older than him. He walked most of the evening, crawling only when he wanted to get somewhere really FAST. Doesn’t like to miss out on anything, our son!

Here is a clip on You Tube of him walking the garbage can around our kitchen. Will try to post one walking with “no-hands” soon as we can.


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