On the Third Day of Christmas … Sweet Waffle Love


Tau woke at 5 a.m. this morning. Slept beautifully all night but woke before dawn, and since I was “on” last night (Dave and I trade off each night), I went through to see if I could coax him back to sleep. We snuggled in the rocking chair, he nuzzled into my chest, we patted and kissed Lion to sleep, and I nearly drifted off several times. But little man was eyes wide open.

After half an hour in the dark, I started telling myself the lie — it always seems plausible: Maybe he’ll go down if I snuggle him between Dave and I in our bed.

This NEVER works.

Actually, it SELDOM works. Sometimes Dave can strong arm him into lying still and catnapping for 15 minutes in our bed. And sometimes, if you have enough books and give him both alarm clocks to play with, he will sit still enough for us to doze, each with a hand on one limb under the covers to stop him crawling away. But most times when we try the baby-in-our-bed thing, he becomes a one-boy-version of the US troops storming Baghdad — that is to say, no peace in the land and everything in his path is devastated.

So after about 45 minutes of war on our bed, I brought him downstairs — I was on remember? We snuggled at the computer for milk and favorite music videos on You Tube, and I then I realized he hadn’t eaten much the night before and was probably hungry. So I toasted waffles — a big grown-up one for me and tiny baby-sized ones for Tau. When you’re not fighting to get him back to sleep, it’s all sweetness and light. He snuggled on my chest like a little bunny, straightening up every now and then to feed mommy waffle … then some for Tau, then some for Mommy … dissolved in hysterics every time I snapped at his sticky fingers, “Ghap!” Crazy giggles. “Ghap … ghap ghap ghap!” Full-on belly can’t-breathe laughter. Sweet, sweet face smiling up at me. When it was over, he slithered down to the floor and, while I caught up on email, Tau two took great pleasure in driving over the last of the waffles on the kitchen floor with his push walker.

This weekend is grey and cool. Rain (yes, rain) is in the forecast. We spent a lazy morning around the house, watching Baby Einstein Neighborhood Animals (hate it but the boy loves it), drinking most excellent coffee made by well-rested Dad. At one thirty in the afternoon, after seven hours on the go, Tau finally crashed again. I crawled under our lovely down comforter and listened to the wind and first drops of rain. Mmn. I’ve never been able to sleep during the day but I have perfected the art of reaching that lovely gooey-warm, hovering-just-above-sleep state. Dave joined me an hour or so later, snuggling in close. Not a sound in our house but the breathing. Ah! Sweet love!


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