On the First Day of Christmas … a Grinch in a Geek Tree


I had the idea to post something each day for the twelve days leading up to Christmas. Here goes.

This past year, our company moved into a shiny new building. It’s all slate grey cubes and nice blue and burgundy walls that match the abstract art. Very corporate.

Just after Thanksgiving, someone suggested holding a cubicle decorating contest for the holidays. HR got the ball rolling with a very tastefully confectioned Candy Cane Lane. The cheer spread very slowly from that end of the cube farm and stopped just short of the Tech Pubs aisle. Whew! Some took it to the limit — like the folks who balanced a 6-foot inflatable rotating snow globe on top of an empty cube.  Or the row with Christmas trees made of geekware (install CDs, empty pop cans, PERL programming books) on each cube face.

dsc02316sm.jpg dsc02321sm.jpg


Then my boss stopped by a few days ago: “Uh … we’re kinda feeling the pressure to do something …”

We went the minimalist route, as all good technical writers should. I made three grinches out of cardboard, bought a strand of tinsel, and co-opted the others into hiking the extendable ladder to hang one above each of our heads. We planned to add a sign under each grinch saying, “Less is more” — our quiet rage against the machine — but they ended up looking quite sweet, not bah-humbuggy at all, so I added a monogrammed ornament to each and left it at that.



2 responses to “On the First Day of Christmas … a Grinch in a Geek Tree

  1. Nice! How did you make the Grinch cardboard cutouts? We have done nothing so festive at our office, although we did have our gift exchange today which was fun.

  2. Poster board and paints and my blunt office scissors … oh, and grinch printed off the internet as a guide. Long time since I last had to summon my dormant artistic skills.

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