We hated the thought of trudging off to the mall to get Sears portraits but wanted some nice shots of Tau at this age. He’s really stable on his feet now and juuuuuust about trying to walk. Perfect.

So last weekend we went down to La Jolla Shores where we met friends James and Vix, who is pretty handy with a camera. We asked her to just go at it and take a few pics as we goofed off on the beach. She took over 300. Gotta luuurve digital!

Of course, with a toddler, half of them can be discarded. And to be honest, there are many where Tau looks ever so sweet and the parents don’t look so presentable. But there are a LOT that we just plain LOVE. Thank you Vix, you talented girl … and James for your artistic direction and lugging the diaper bag.

We’re probably gonna hold back on posting them though. Aw! No, seriously! Otherwise we’ll have nothing to send you for Christmas!

OK, OK. We’ll post them as soon as our Christmas cards are out and the family have received theirs in the mail.


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