Perfecting the Negative



We are progressing from the first tentative “nuh!” Here are the new variations:

  • No-no-no-no-no! (head whipping left and right)
  • No Nooooo! (more emphatically)
  • Perfectly enunciated: Nooooh … nnnnnnoooow! (like a British stage actress sipping her tea)
  • The strong silent type: Lips pursed, shaking the head, usually in response to a forkful of food he doesn’t want to eat
  • Little finger stabbing the space between you … and a firm “NO!”

I’m sure we’re in for additional articulations in the coming months. To be fair, he also spent the ride home from daycare yesterday practicing his name over and over: “Tow … Tow … Tow-Tow … Tow!”



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