Catching Up


My original intention with starting this blog page was to keep in touch with family and friends more frequently. Who has time to sit down and write a real letter with a small baby?

I envisioned posting regular updates after Tau was born — giving you all one place to get our news and latest photos. Well, that didn’t happen. But now that life has settled down a bit, and we don’t feel quite as frantic, I’d like to give it another bash.

So here’s the deal: I’ll keep posting our news, along with links to our online Yahoo albums here, and you keep visiting this site. If you have time to drop us an email, great! We’ll respond. If not, we know how that goes, so no worries! But that doesn’t let you off the hook all together — we still want to hear from you. I’ll try to post at least once a month.

Not much news at the moment. In a nutshell: Tau (now nearly 9 months) is in the middle of some painful and feverish teething (no fun); we are heading up to the mountains at Big Bear, about 2 hours north west of San Diego for the July 4th weekend (definitely fun); we are in the process of getting some concreting done on our courtyard patio this month (will be fun when it’s DONE); and Dave turns 40 in mid-July so we are heading up to Okanagan Wine Country in British Columbia to spend 5 days with the Walsh clan (all kinds of fun I’m sure!).

Other family news is that Sue’s granny Sylvia turned 90 this past week. Mom held a party for a group of friends and Mom’s cousins Dawne and Lynn were there to share the celebrations.

That’s about it. I have added links to new and recent photo albums to the right > please explore and keep in touch!


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