Welcome Tau Forryan Walsh!


We started this blog and page after Tau’s birth, so I thought I’d add a link to his birth album and a few notes in retrospect.

Tau was born 2 1/2 weeks early by natural (though long) delivery. He spent a day in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) at Sharp Mary Birch due to some fluid on his lungs, but was released just before it was time for Sue and Dave to leave the hospital.

The first few weeks were pretty intense as a very sleepy Mom and Dad got used to having a baby in the house, but over the past six weeks, we have settled into somewhat of a routine and are doing really well.

At six weeks, we can tell you quite a bit about Tau:

  • He eats and sleeps really well. Since regaining his birth weight at two weeks, he has gained another 2.5 lbs over the past four weeks, putting him at just on 10 lbs. Most nights he sleeps one four-hour and one three-hour stretch, waking once to feed. Despite needing a bit of formula supplementation in the first two weeks, he is now breastfeeding exclusively, but will take a bottle of expressed milk from Dave with no problems at all.
  • He is pretty good natured and ony cries when he is very hungry or sometimes when his diaper or clothes are being changed. When he does cry … OK … scream, it’s pretty evident that he has a good set of lungs (and a temper) on him. He is just starting to smile and make new “talking” noises.
  • Tau LOVES music — from Peter Gabriel and Annie Lennox to baby lullabies and African acapella music. He also listens intently to voices, and will follow the sound of our voices as we move around the room.
  • He is starting to see further and further away. Like all babies, he loves light and dark contrasts … so focuses on fascinating things like air vents, light fixtures and window blinds.
  • Tau loves being bathed and having his hair washed. The look of baby ecstasy on his face is something else!

Enough bragging! We will keep you posted on developments.


One response to “Welcome Tau Forryan Walsh!

  1. Hi
    I came across this site and reference to Tau when searching the FORRYAN name. I have been researching the name since 1980 and would like to tie in this birth to the family tree. I would appreciate feedback on your family names etc so I can add you to the tree.

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